Anna Depenbusch

Benjamin from next door and me,
at one point we were inseparable,
but that was all a fleeting thing.

There is not really much to tell about our story.
I had come home late and just ordered pizza.
In the hall at eight o’clock, he introduced himself.

He was new here in town,
had just moved in yesterday - next to me.
So we unpacked his boxes
and sat together that night and ate pizza.

All that was already some weeks ago.
At first we were in love and then we weren’t.
It came from the common delusion
that we saw with each other’s eyes.

I find it’s not bad that we are still neighbors.
It’s even practical when I’m on holiday,
for the mail and the flowers and the newspaper boy.
No one’s robbed me, and yet I mind.
I hear when he visits at night through the wall.


What can I do now? Tell them "you’re welcome" ?
I can’t even sleep when I hear those two there.
Who was it made this house out of papier-mache?
I mean, yes, it is great when you’re in love,
but pretty stupid just lying beside it.

So I take myself out to the terrace
and sleep on concrete where the night is so starry
and it’s all just so wonderful -
like the thought of the loving couple next door.


All that was already some weeks ago.
At first they were in love, but then they weren’t.
It came from the common delusion
that they saw with each other’s eyes.

Now the wall next door is silent,
and here with me, for some days, lies
a new young man, and he's called


Words and music by Anna Depenbusch
Translated by Frank Beck

One of the things I like most about Anna Depenbusch's writing them is the way she mixes humor and pathos. "Benjamin" is from her most recent album, Sommer aus Papier (Summer of paper), released in 2012. Depenbusch was said to be working on a new album this winter.

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